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george svachulay | portfolio

Started working in enterprise IT back in 2009 and now with over 6 years of experience I provide quality services from an extensive portfolio. Originally focusing on hands-on IT system administration and user support, I’ve became acquainted with countless products, services, platforms, methodologies and vendors. The below portfolio aims to give you an overview on what services I can provide for you or your customers.
Cloud Computing


  • 1.5 Yrs hands-on managed service experience with the AWS public and hybrid cloud
  • Certified AWS Solutions Architect for over 1 year


  • Managed service project experience with Microsoft Azure-based solutions
  • Certified Microsoft Azure Solutions Architect


  • Docker and containerisation specialist
  • Hands-on experience with container technologies (e.g. Docker) and microservice powered projects (the site you are browsing is also container-based)


  • Cloud platform specialist
  • Pivotal OSS and proprietary Cloud Foundry PaaS managed service experience for 1 yr+
  • Rancher and Shipyard implementation and deployment experience (in fact this very page you are browsing is powered by Rancher)
  • Primarily focusing on managed services for AWS and Azure clouds
  • Hybrid cloud implementation experience with Hyper-V + Azure / VMware +AWS Cloud Foundry
  • CloudStack exposure (trained and with hands-on experience)
  • Containerisation specialist (Docker, DEA, Diego, Kubernetes) with a focus on cost optimisation

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