About Me

Started up as an old-school hardhat sysadmin in 2009, I aim to provide persistent and quality service wherever I work. Altough I worked more in a SysOps environment, I tried to inject service improvement through dev projects or new ideas. I am commited to a DevOps mindset and try to implement it in all areas, extending it with an Enterprise-focused ITIL/ISO structure. Over the years my primary areas of interest became Type-1 virtualization, service consolidation / migration, Cloud enablement and operations as well as small dev projects. I try to focus on what’s new and good in IT and learn it as quickly as possible and have fun while doing it.


Managed Desktop Services

I provide managed desktop services from SMB to enterprise level on Micorosft products. This involves configuration of Configuration Management systems, creation, release and deployment of application and service packages and reporting. I am also providing planning, design and implementation of release and deployment services for any company. I mostly work with SCCM, IstallShield and WISE.


Enterprise SysOps

For a wide array of known operating systems and tools, I provide Managed Services and SysOps to any company. Be it any version of MS Windows Server operating system or its related components, or UNIX-based environments, I am ready to manage your systems.


Cloud and Virtualization Consulting / Implementation

I provide SMB and Medium-sized business tier cloud enablement services. I mostly work with the following IaaS and PaaS technologies: vCenter on ESXi, CloudStack 4.X on XenServer and private MS Cloud on Hyper-V as well as Public Clouds in AWS, Azure and Google Apps.


Support Services

With over 5 years of experience in the field, I provide support for a plethora of services and products. I am also ITIL Foundation v3 certified to make sure that the support metrics are met and the QoS is better than the best :)

Cloud DevOps

I provide Cloud-focused DevOps services for the following platforms and services: AWS, Google Apps, Azure running Windows, Linux managed by Chef, Puppet or BOSH. I also work with Ruby, Java and C# to extend functionality and features.

Professional Services

As an IT professional, I mostly provide the following services

IT Services Consultant

  • Microsoft solution consulting (Windows Server 2003-2012 R2, SQL server, Exchange server, System Center 2007-2012 R2)
  • Asset upgrade and maintenance consulting (Server and desktop hardware, Network infrastructure, etc.)
  • Virtualization & Cloud computing consulting (VMware, Citrix, Hyper-V and Azure solutions)
  • Service Desk consulting (SLA planning, deployment and metering, ITIL standards compliance assurance)
  • Automation and development consulting (Effectiveness and productivity enhancement consulting services)

Systems Administrator

  • MS system administrator (Windows Server 2003-2012 R2, SQL server)
  • VMware ESXi administrator (vSphere 5+, vCenter & MS interfacing)
  • Citrix XenServer administrator (XenServer / XenApp & MS interfacing)
  • Webserver administrator (IIS 6+, Apache /mySQL/)
  • MS SQL administrator (2005+)
  • Tape backup systems and devices

Manged Desktop Services

  • Application repackaging (MSI, Wise, InstallShield)
  • Install package creation (.msi, .exe, etc.)
  • Deployment wrapper design and development
  • Package deployment planning
  • Change tracking
  • SCCM 2007-2012 R2 administration (software deployment, task sequence build, etc.)

DevOps Engineer

  • HTML 4/5 & CSS 3 coding
  • C# development (.NET 3.5/4.5.1)
  • WISE script development
  • Powershell development
  • Photoshop CS5+ advanced knowledge
  • Advanced web design knowledge
  • SEO, Domain statistics, Site promotion and advertising knowledge
  • Intermediate knowledge of graphic tools

Project Manager

  • Project planning and documentation
  • Resource management
  • On-boarding and communication
  • Project and change tracking
  • Procedure compliance assurance
  • Team management

InfoSec Officer

  • Penetration testing (Web & SQL servers, BackTrack attack simulation, etc.)
  • Nagios / Qualys monitoring (Result checking & compliance assurance)
  • Security patching of MS solutions
  • Security patching of Apache, MySQL
  • Tracking and counteracting attack types
  • Tape backup systems and devices

Service Desk Specialist

  • Event support
  • L0 & L1 incident tracking and resolution
  • ITIL-based incident management
  • SLA compliance assurance
  • Hardware asset maintenance
  • Training of users and IT support personnel

Dell Service Technician

  • Certified Dell service technician services (Maintenance and upgrade of Dell hardware up to 2012 models)


Information about my career so far


The following figures represent how frequently I worked on a specific task in a position.





PwC (EMEA) CEE IT (January 2012 – December 2014)

Senior IT Specialist

  • Application re-packaging and deployment (WISE/MSI and vendor specific)
  • Server management and maintenance (virtualized and physical)
  • Information security duties (server patchings, security reporting)
  • Ticketing system management and administration (back and front-end)
  • Multi-language conferencing and support (English/Hungarian)
  • Application and service support for business-relevant products and solutions
  • Project management (delivering project targets on time, reporting)
  • Trainings and documentation of IT procedures and technologies
  • Deployment engineering (WinPE, WinRE for Windows 7 migration)
  • Massive asset replacement and upgrade (100+ users/PCs)
  • In-house and regional user support in English language
  • Incident management in HP ticket mgmt. system
  • Multi-site asset control (inventory, hw/sw maintenance as official Dell Service Technician on-site)
  • Data recovery from damaged assets




Duna Elektornika (November 2009 – December 2012)

Contracted IT Specialist

General Electric (July 2011 – December 2012)

Contracted Dell Service Technician



Renault HU / CEE (June 2009 – December 2012)

Junior System Admin

  • Direct and remote L1 and L2 user support for 30+ remote subsidiaries of the Renault-Nissan dealer network
  • Incident management and ticket control (cooperation with regional subcontractors in ticket management systems, like CHIPRE for HP support, etc.)
  • Multilingual support (ENG/HUN)
  • Server and system administration, application support (MS, SAP, Banking systems, Organizational systems /MS NAV/, etc.)
  • Data export and processing from IBM iSeries AS400 systems to MS Access databases
  • Submission of national statistics in pre-defined format and direct contact with national authorities
  • Server virtualization (MS VPC, VMWare, Oracle VBOX, etc.)
  • Security management (entry card system, malware detection/removal)
  • IT support and assistance training provision for support team new joiners
  • Telecommunications support (mobile and VoIP desk assets)
  • Asset control (Inventory creation, maintenance)
  • HW/SW maintenance